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Fixing – We’re unable to connect to your FB ad account

This error “We can’t connect to your Facebook ads account” happens right at the first steps of “Boost post” in the Instagram app. Understand what’s behind it and how to solve it.

When trying to boost, Instagram offers 2 options: advertise with a Facebook account or without a Facebook account.

When you choose to boost with a Facebook account, Meta creates a Business Portfolio (formerly Business Manager) there on Facebook and inside this portfolio it places your Instagram profile, a Facebook page and a new ad account.

This way your assets on Meta are more organized and professional, since with a Business Portfolio you can share access in the future if you hire a marketing agency and so on.

If you choose without a Facebook account, Instagram creates a new ad account, but only for use on the Instagram app. A simpler way for you to advertise.

And then when you choose to advertise using a Facebook account, this error can appear.

nao e possivel nos conectarmos a sua conta de anuncios do facebook

Why does this error occur?

Generally, this error occurs because you have a problem with your Facebook account. But you can go to Facebook’s support page for businesses and check if you see any “Restricted Assets”.

If it does, it’s worth clicking on it and understanding what’s going on so that you can analyze the possibility of requesting an analysis of this restriction from Meta.

My asset is restricted, what should I do?

If you do find an asset with a restriction and you can no longer send anything to Meta for analysis, then you can try running ads without using a Facebook ad account, as the warning says.

Or go to this article below for several solutions.

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