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Fixing – The Instagram account is associated with a Commerce Account and cannot be moved

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably trying to:

  • Run ads using your Instagram account, through the famous ‘Boost Post’ feature (the most common cases we receive here).
  • Link your Instagram profile with a Facebook page (often happens with Social Media managers who want to use Meta Business Suite).
  • Insert your Instagram profile into a Business Portfolio (Business Manager) (typically happens with agencies, traffic managers on a computer).

And halfway through, you encountered this message: ‘The Instagram account is associated with a Commerce Account and cannot be moved. Deactivate the business account and try again.’ But don’t worry, there’s a solution.


Why does this error occur?

Because at some point, you must have created a Business Account (Instagram shop) on your Instagram profile, and now it’s stuck within this Business Account that belongs to a Business Portfolio (Business Manager) that you don’t have access to.

And what’s the solution?

The solution to this error we’ve already covered in the article below, so go ahead and apply it.

Daniel Matiello

Passionate about technology and working in the digital market since August 2014. I've been working with Meta Ads and Google Ads for over 10 years and now I've decided to share my knowledge to help people in this field, especially to solve the problems of this digital market.